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Trade and Economic Cooperation
26 March 2013 19:03

Trade and Economic Co-operation of Ukraine and Lithuania

In 2019 there was a noticeable intensification of Ukrainian-Lithuanian trade and economic cooperation.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the volume of bilateral trade in goods and services between Ukraine and Lithuania in 2019 amounted to USD 1,653 bn. (32,5% increase compared to 2018).

Exports of goods  amounted to – USD 411 mln. (

Imports of goods and services amounted to – USD 1 145 mln. 

Main exports from Ukraine in 2014 were cereals (31,4% of total exports), machine building industry (13,9%), wood and wood products (10,2%), ferrous metals (8%).

The main imports were petroleum products (56,2%), land transport (12,2%), fertilizers  (10,1%).


Investment Co-operation of Ukraine and Lithuania

Direct Lithuanian investments to Ukraine as of December 31, 2019 amounted USD 183,3 mln., which represented 0,4% of total FDI to Ukraine.

Investment from Ukraine to Lithuania  as of December 31, 2019 amounted USD 14,7 mln.

Country Profile of Ukraine

Country profile of Ukraine 2014, economic survey of Ukraine prepared by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine


Investment Atlas of Ukraine

Investment Atlas of Ukraine is a unique product, created by the Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine to provide information about the investment potential and investment opportunities of Ukraine as a whole and of each region in particular.

This edition contains current information about the structure of industry in each region, existing investments, major foreign companies at this region, a brief overview of the labor market and so on are presented in the form of informative graphs and theses. Publication presents general information about the geographical position of Ukraine, social and economic indicators, structure and volume of the attracted investments, map of the State transport infrastructure, the largest cities and basic data on their population.

Actual infrastructure projects in Ukraine


Investment proposals Chernivtsi Oblast


Investment Passports of the Regions of Ukraine

Investment Passports of the Ukrainian Regions have been created by the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine in cooperation with the Regional State Administrations. They contain quality, current and comprehensive information about the competitive advantages and investment opportunities of the regions, and also they are aimed at disclosure and implementation of their investment potential. Information posted on their pages will be updated annually.

1.   Cherkasy Oblast

2.   Chernihiv Oblast

3.   Chernivtsi Oblast

4.   AR Crimea

5.   Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

6.   Donetsk Oblast

7.   Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

8.   Kharkiv Oblast

9.   Kherson Oblast

10. Khmelnytskyi Oblast

11. Kirovohrad Oblast

12. Kyiv City

13. Kyiv Oblast

14. Luhansk Oblast

15. Lviv Oblast

16. Mykolaiv Oblast

17. Odesa Oblast

18. Poltava Oblast

19. Rivne Oblast

20. Sevastopol City

21. Sumy Oblast

22. Ternopil Oblast

23. Vinnytsia Oblast

24. Volyn  Oblast

25. Zakarpattia Oblast

26. Zaporizhzhya Oblast

27. Zhytomyr Oblast



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