Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Lithuania

Kyiv 17:30

Trade and Economic Co-operation

Trade and economic co-operation

In 2014 there was a noticeable intensification of Ukrainian-Lithuanian trade and economic cooperation.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the volume of bilateral trade in goods and services between Ukraine and Lithuania in 2014 amounted to USD 1,465 bn. (7,6% increase compared to 2013).

Exports of goods and services amounted to – USD 406,6 mln. (12,3% increase).

Imports of goods and services amounted to – USD 1059,9 mln. (6,0% increase).

The balance is negative – USD 653,3 mln.

Main exports from Ukraine in 2014 were cereals (12,3% of total exports, mostly maize/corn), ferrous metals (11,7%), petroleum products (11,2%), machine building industry (9,9%), wood and wood products (9,8%), oil-cake and other solid residues of food industry (9,0%).

The main imports were petroleum products (86,2%), polymers and plastics (3,1%), refrigerators and other products of the 84th group of goods classification (2,6%), agriculture and food industry (2,1%).

Investment co-operation

Direct Lithuanian investments to Ukraine as of December 31, 2014 amounted USD 188,8 mln., which represented 0,4% of total FDI to Ukraine.

The largest investment from Lithuania (USD 133,9 mln, or 71% of total Lithuanian investment to Ukraine) came to the wholesale and retail trade. Besides that, Lithuanian companies invested USD 16,0 mln. in Ukrainian industry (or 8,5% of total Lithuanian investment to Ukraine).