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Commercial offers of Ukrainian enterprises
26 March 2021 14:40


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Commercial offers by Ukrainian exporters


Trade and production company LLC “VANKOR

Products for export (product codes according to the HCDCS system)– cabinet furniture and kitchen sinks (9403, 6810).


Contact person LLC “VANKOR – Pavlo Kharaman

Phone: +380687772535;

[email protected].

Produser of non-woven materials LLC«МЕГАЛАТ» 

Products for export (product codes according to the HCDCS system) - (5603, 3506, 5503)

Certificates of quality - Intertek, SGS


Contact person "ТОВ МЕГАЛАТ" – Olha Kalinina

Контакти - tel. +380983282896 ; +380676408140

[email protected] ; [email protected]

Produser of ecopaper strows and dishes LLC «SINUM PP» 

Products for export: disposable paper utensils,

HCDCS code 482369000

Certificates of quality - FSC certificate


Contact personSergii Shymchenko

Phone: +380978112267

[email protected], [email protected].

Trade Company LLC «Family Garden» 

Products for export: Organic blueberry


Contact person: Ivan Grechkivsky

Phone:  +380673035609

[email protected]


Company «U-FOOD»

Products for export: snails


Mariia Dehtiarova

Foreign Activity Manager

U-Food Association

+380 95 705 0560

+380 97 829 7212

[email protected]

Subsidiary enterprise “Dniprodzerzhynsk Steel Works”

Products for export: Steel products

Certificates -  ISO 11124-3, SAE j444, J827

web: www.dlz.com.ua

Yevheniia Savenko

Manager of marketing and sales department

Subsidiary enterprise “Dniprodzerzhynsk Steel Works”

e-mail: [email protected]

LLC “Sweet-madam” 

Products for export - confectionery products


Contact personKonstantin Oshomok


[email protected]


Products for export (product codes according to the HCDCS system) - Cold-pressed oil, gluten-free flour, vegetable proteins ( 1515 50 19 00, 1515 11 00 00, 1514 91 90 00, 1515 90 59 00, 2103 90 90 19, 2306 90 90 00)

Certificates of quality– ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005, ORGANIC, AOECS


Contact personBlahovisna Oksana

Phone: +380973492315

[email protected].


Producer of clothes and underwear for women and children Trade House "GABBI"

Products for export (product codes according to the HCDCS system) - 14.13, 14.14, 14.19 kids and women clothes, socks

Certificates of quality – "Quality Management System" DSTU ISO 9001: 2009.


Contact personElena Podorozhnaya

Phone: +380506344969;

[email protected]

LLC «46 Parallel Wine»


Contact personHordiienko Kateryna

Phone: +38-050-415-92-71.

[email protected]

Trade House “GREEN POINT”

Products for export: spicy-aromatic impurities

Certificates of quality – HACCP, HALAL, ISO 22000:2018

Contact person: Vasyl Ershakov

Рhone : +380442239330


[email protected]


Products for export: grain cleaning equipment, self-moving and handling equipment, Drum scalperator A1-B32-O, grain throwers self-moving, separator-precleaning mobile separators, latest technology solutions for cleaning, Drying and long term storage of graine and seed, Grain dry complex, metal rectangular granary, granary for hangar type.

Certificates of quality – ISO 9001, Patens


[email protected]

[email protected]

Company Thermo King Ingersoll Rand is the only dealer of StarCool in Ukraine. Products for export: repair, sale, lease equipment and service of reefers manufactured by Carrier, StarCool, Daikin and ThermoKingrepair.



Deputy director Pavel Vinin

[email protected]

[email protected]

Confectionary Yarych. The factory is focused on the production of hard-dough biscuits and crackers.

Products for export: (product codes according to the HCDCS system) - crackers and biscuits (1905319900, 1905904500).

Certificates of quality  - Halal, IFS Food


Contact person: Tetiana Maksymchuk

Рhone: +380673600590;

[email protected]

LLC GNP Fruits (Джіенпі Фрутс)

Products for export: (product codes according to the HCDCS system) apple Chips (081330).

Certificates of quality – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 (TUV NORD CERT GmbH) - Manufacturer’s Declaration of Gluten Free (confirmed by State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine).


Contact person: Yuliya Liakhovych

Рhone: +38-050-665-14-65

[email protected]


“Impex Trading Production” (ITP) LLC

Has been manufacturing equipment for charcoal production since year 2012. During this time company has become the only one in the world that produces such an assortment of the charcoal furnaces that are unmatched in performance and reliability.


Each of new development is being tested in-house for at least six months. Provides a guarantee for all equipment for 2 years.

The design of charcoal furnace UMT 3-PLUS is based on the principle of complete selection of the thermal energy of the furnace, including radiation heat, for heating wood, without loss during the transportation of heat from furnace to retorts

Automatic temperature control allows the production of charcoal with specified characteristics

The design of UMT-3 PLUS is made so that it is practically impossible to disable it due to the installed system of automatic discharge of excess heat when critical temperatures are reached.

The main difference between UMT 3-PLUS and other UMT models is the existence of a boiler for burning pyrolysis gas with capacity of 600-800 kW

Contacts: Chupriy Olena. Tel.: +38 (050) 441 63 13, +38 044 531 19 30; e-mail: [email protected]

https://impextreding.com ; address: Kyiv, str. S. Petliura, 13/135, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000.


TEMP PLANY JSC, founded in 1977, the company that brings together more than 100 specialists with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing of special technological equipment (special purpose machines, welding equipment, pipe facing machines, pipeline construction equipment, products of general machine building, details and subassemblies of agricultural machines, metal structures.


Technology, designing and equipment selecting (Company will help to develop the correct technical Specifications)

Supply and assembling (the series of actions hat precedes putting into operation the equipment)

Commissioning and training (Testing of each unit of equipment and adjusting the settings the training of personnel)

Maintenance service ( Warranty obligations: planned repairs, the supply of spare parts, parts and components, consultancy support and site visits)

Contacts: Maslova Alexandra. Tel.: +38 (067) 381 59 55, email: [email protected], [email protected] , www.temp-mash.com, address: 99/101 Myru ave. Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, 29000.


VAYARA LLC was founded in 2018.

Products offered for export: wire of low carbon steel (not plated or coated 0,7 mm- 5,0 mm), wire of low carbon steel (plated or coated with zinc 0,7 mm-4,0 mm), wire of low carbon steel (heat-treated 0,7 mm-5,0 mm), wire of low carbon steel (heat-treated, plated or coated with zinc 0,7 mm-4,0 mm), rebar triangular not further worked than cold-formed or cold-finished B500C 2,6 mm – 5,0 mm).

Contacts: Mishchenko Oleksandr (Head of the company), Tel. : +38 (068) 605 59 04, email: [email protected], www.vayara.com.ua, address: 141/4 Centralna srt., Kharkiv Region, Korotych urban-type settlement, 62454.


“BASIS” LLC is a Ukrainian company, which has been working for 25 years. The company’s core activities are: production of packing equipment

Contacts: Daria Zlotkovska (Fea manager), Tel.: +38 (063) 282 13 14, P.: 0 800 504 310, Fax: +38 (044) 579 90 97, email: [email protected], Skype: Daria Zlotkovska Basis.

Joint-Stock Company Research and Design Institute for Atomic and Power Pump building

Leading organization of Ukraine in the field of research, development, implementation of scientific, technical, design products in pump building.


More than 60 years of professional work on the field of pump engineering (From 1956)

For more than 15 years company has been properly certified by the government as a scientific institution

Being a public enterprise, in accordance with the relevant decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been added to the list of Companies that are of Strategic importance for Economy and National Security, with its test center included to the State Register of scientific facilities that form the national resources

Has more than 200 highly skilled specialists that ensure full development cycle of unique high-technology equipment for different applications

Contacts: Tetiana Ridchenko, Lesia Demianenko, Svitlana Dudko, Tel.: +38 (0542) 25 04 28, Fax: +38 (0542) 78 69 02, email: [email protected],  http://www.vniiaen.sumy.ua, address: 2, 2nd Zaliznychna (Zheleznodorozhnaya) str., Sumy, Ukraine, 40022.

NVP “Metrica” Ltd

NVP “Metrica” Ltd, was established in 2010.

Products offered for export: steel shots.

Countries where the company sells its products: Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland. Main consumers of steel shots are metallurgical manufacturer (casting). Other branches are ballast makers and steel cored wire manufacturers.

Contacts: Andrii Movchan, Tel.:+38 (050) 525 42 83, email: [email protected], http://metrika-sbit.com/en , address: Privokzalna str. 8A, Donetsk reg., Druzhkivka, Ukraine, 84200.

State-owned enterprise “Kyyivsʹka Ofsetna Fabryka”

State-owned enterprise “Kyyivsʹka Ofsetna Fabryka” has been producing high-quality printing products for almost 40 years. Their clients are state and government institutions, financial institutions, as well as commercial enterprises from different spheres of business. The company provides them with a full range of services: from the design of a form or a certificate to storage and supply of products in accordance with needs and requirements of customers.

Kyiv offset factory was founded back in 1978.  In 1993 the factory was transferred to the management of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and received a license for producing accountable forms.

Contacts: Pryshlyak I Tel.: +38 (044) 4304233, Fax: +38 (044) 4304265, email: [email protected], http://www.kof.company/en, address: 1 Berezhanska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04074.

“AV LIHT”  Limited liability company

One of the main exporter of asparagus in Ukraine.

Main achievements are:

export-import enterprise is registered in April 2016; registered at customs in accordance with the law; negotiations with partners around Ukraine have been held and a network of representatives has been formed almost all over Ukraine; hundreds of thousands of advertising products has been printed; participation in conferences and exhibitions over whole Ukraine;  built up partnership relations with the academy of sciences of Ukraine for training of asparagus  specialists; joint participation with international partners on sharing the information about asparagus in Ukraine. world projects: UHDPP, European bank for reconstruction and development, USAID and others; foster the culture of asparagus consumption together with restaurants and wholesale markets all over Ukraine; negotiations had been held with German, Dutch and French asparagus seedlings producers and relative machinery producers; a contract for delivery of sparjes is completed in conformity with the law of Ukraine and the European Union; officially imported the largest quantity of asparagus to Ukraine for the 27 years of independence of Ukraine; providing for our customers consultation on growing and markets of asparagus; having negotiations regarding asparagus  delivery  (Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Belarus).

Contacts: General Director , PhD Vasyl Polishchuk (Mob/ Viber/WhatsApp.: +38 (067) 464 57 07; Теl.: +38 044 229 35 36; e-mail: [email protected]; www.avliht.com adress: Zalomova str. 1, apt.37,  Kiev, Ukraine, 03069)

Commercial Offer Presentation

"KTA" Limited company

KTA Limited company, founded in 2001, proposed for export different household products and decorative napkins, included: garbage bags, tires (wheels) bags, bags for freezing, for ice, for sandwiches; Tablecloth, sponges for dishes and shower, clothespins; Parchment;  Sleeve for baking; Food film; Aluminum foil; Toothpicks; Kitchen scraper; Polyethylene gloves; Microfiber cloth, wipes viscose, cloth for washing floor; Rubber gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves; Gloves for garden and different type of decorative napkins.

Contact person:Elena Reient (Tel.: (044)499-70-63; Mobile: +380 63 3930521; www.llk.com.ua; E-mail: [email protected]).

Commercial Offer


TAVRIA V company is known in the business world as a well-managed, powerful organizational structure. Year after year the company scores high in business rating lists both in its industry sector and globally. TAVRIA V company has gained a highly reputable status by demonstrating its strong ethical principles of business conduct and mutual respect and fair play attitude to its partners.

Commitment to innovation, the ability to develop and implement new ideas and create new products is only one of the factors that lead to TAVRIA V company’s success. The company’s know-how is the high technological effectiveness of its business processes. The optimization of business processes is what allows us to achieve our ultimate goal — to bring the product to the consumer by the shortest route at an affordable price.

Key areas of business include: retail; wholesale; catering; production; construction and development; private label. Our company is an exporter and seller in the transactions.

Contact person: Kate Kovtun (export manager): Arcadia Palace 5/3, Gagarinskoe plateau, Odessa, 65009, Ukraine (Email: [email protected], [email protected]; Website: http://www.tavriav.org/en/; Phone: +38067-890-72-84, +38 0482 307 315)

Commercial Offer

“Montazh–75” LLC

 “Montazh– 75” LLC is a ukrainian company, which proposed for exports fresh, dried or frozen fruits and berries, nuts, beans, other leguminous vegetables, fresh or chilled.

Contact information: Ukraine, Kirovohrad region, Kropyvnytskyi, 60 Shevchenko str. (e-mail: [email protected], Tel.:+380500875782 Vladyslav)

Commercial Offer


The main development strategy of AKFORT LLC is the implementation of export operations for the sale of agricultural products from Ukrainian producers. Experience in import operations with Germany.

Products offered for expor: sunflower-seed oil refined deodorized; Non-refined sunflower-seed oil, I Grade; Wheat flour top grade,  first grade; Rapeseed oil; Sunflower meal; Rape meal; 

Benefits: Proven product quality;

All products comply with national and international standards;

Availability of quality certificates and other related documents for the goods.

Contact person: Lavrinenko Dmitrii (instant messengers: +380508645195 (Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal) tel:+380685606215; e-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected])

Commercial Offer Presentation


The company “KRUPYANIY TIK” as a company of part of the Holding “Khlibodar” is involved in agribusiness for over 15 years. The company’s core activities are: wholesale trade of grain, pulse, oil crops and their derivative products both in the domestic and foreign markets; elevator services; provision of container terminal services; transport and forwarding services. It also processes soya beans into soya-bean oil and soya-bean oil cake.


Proven quality of products;

All products meet the national standards;

Availability of own grain storage and container terminal;

Experience in the field of export-import operations

Contacts: Sokolenko Sergii – Head of Marketing and Sales Department (E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; Tel/Fax: +38 0522 35 90 50; http://khlibodar.com.ua)

Commercial Offer

Limited Liability Company “Rush” 

Limited Liability Company “Rush” is the largest Ukrainian national chain of beauty, care and health products offers a wide range of goods such as perfumes, products for face and body care, makeup products, costume jewelry, accessories, household goods and baby care products.

The Company has held the National Award of Retail "Consumer Choice" for six years, and it also has won the United Nations-sponsored competition, Partnership for Sustainability Award 2018.

The company has grown to 835 stores throughout Ukraine (as of 20.05.2019), it has presented more than 30 000 product items, and also has launched 37 own trademarks for 16 years .

Nowadays the chain staff has more than 10,000 people.

There are 37 brands and 3000 products in the following categories:

- makeup products;     

- hosiery;    

- swaddling and baby care      

- face and body care      

- household chemicals and home care     

- paper products     

- hair care    

- perfumes    

- female care  

- oral care.

The advantages of the company are a wide range of liquid goods with very competitive and decent quality in different price segments. The range of products is adopted to a particular market and it is able to a quick enter and occupation of own market share.

Commercial Offer

SPA "Severodonetsky Stekloplastiс" Ltd

SPA "Severodonetsky Stekloplastiс" Ltd is one of the ukrainian manufacturer, who produced:

a)       glass fiber reinforced structural profiles

b)      glass fiber reinforced profiles of electrical application

c)       dielectric glass fiber reinforced profiles

General production method: pultrusion

Contacts: Semionova Valentina Ivanovna (Phone: +380 6452 4 43 30, Fax: +380 645 22 76 40, [email protected], Mobile: +380 50 476 60 88).

Website: www.ssp-frp.com

  Commercial Offer Presentation and product catalogue

LLC "Termoplast Plus"

LLC "Termoplast Plus" is a leading manufacturer of the metal entrance doors and windows in Ukraine. The products range is included: 

- Outside entry doors;

- Inside entry doors;

- Economy doors.

Contacts: Yurii Chyhryn (e-mail: [email protected]; tel./viber/whatsapp/telegram: +380 73 0288282)

Website: termoplusplus.com  

 Commercial Offer 


SE "Amber Ukraine" 

State Enterprise "Amber Ukraine" is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which is engaged in the extraction and processing of amber from the fields of Ukraine.

We manufacture stone products,  jewelry products with precious metal, paintings and amber souvenirs.

At the moment we are in search of partners abroad. The commercial offer is attached in the applications and we are ready to provide additional information.


Commercial Offer Commercial Offer2 Catalogue


LLC "DNEPROVSKY SPECIAL TUBES PLANT" (founded in 2005) offer for export seamless cold-deformed tubes (including capillary tubes, thin-walled and extremely thin-walled , shaped tubes) of stainless steels,scale-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys, refractory  meals, aluminum and its alloys, nonferrous metals and alloys as well as short-radius elbows (Rmed ≤ 0.7…1.0 OD). Rods with special surface treatment and wire, including high-strength wire, wire of stainless and alloyed steels, nickel and its alloys. 

Commercial Offer 

PE «Divotsvit»

Private enterprise «Divotsvit» (was founded in 1994 (Ukraine, Dnipro)), offer for export a wide range of building materials:

• Water-emulsion paints (interior, facade, for radiators);

• Varnishes (for stone, wood, cork, bamboo, etc.);

• Glue (PVA, Liquid Glass, bustilate, Dragons, etc. for parquet, linoleum, wood, glass, mirrors, polystyrene, moldings, etc.);

• Wallpaper glue (for non-woven Wallpaper, vinyl, paper, cork, bamboo, etc.);

• The products in the box (foam installation, sealants, glue);

• Styrene putty-acrylic (starting, finishing, wood);

• Primer, acrylic (anti-fungal, impregnation);

• Products for gardening (paint, whitewash, garden var, Bordeaux mixture)

The company products, presented in building supermarkets "New Line" , "OLDI", hypermarket "Epicenter", shopping center "Auchan" etc.

Commercial Offer 

PJSC "Beryslav machine-building plant"

Private Joint-Stock Company «Beryslav machine buliding plant”, one of the oldest Ukrainian plants, offer a Spare parts for diesel engine and other supplements. Plant was founded in 1897. Products of the plant already exported to Latvia, Belorussia and Russia.

  Commercial Offer Presentation and product catalogue 

"Nadiya" company

The "Nadiya" company is a Ukrainianan manufacturer (starting from Year 2004) of working clothes (jerseys, working clothes, medical clothes) for Ukrainian enterprises and organizations. The company is looking for partners in the Republic of Lithuania and is ready to consider proposals for cooperation. 

Introduction letter


LTD "NVP" NKEMZ"- a company with 60 - years of experience, specializes in the design and manufacture of three-phase asynchronous motors and generators with squirrel-cage rotor, for general industrial and explosion-proof from 0.75 kW to 315.0 kW for AC power frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz voltage of 220/380 V, 380/660 V or 660/1140 V.
Production LTD "NVP" NKEMZ "successfully used in machine-building enterprises, housing and communal services, power, coal, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding industry of Ukraine, CIS and abroad.

Plant was founded in 1955. Products offered for export is Electric motors and generators, mine fans, tools

Commercial Offer Presentation

Joint-Stock Company "Kyiv Research and Design Institute "Energoproject" (JSC KIEP)

Over 85 years of activity on the projects of the JSC KIEP, more than 80 energy facilities of thermal and nuclear energy in various countries have been built. Currently, the JSC KIEP occupies a leading position in Ukraine in the development of nuclear power projects.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. Research and development services and related consultancy services.

Commercial Offer

Private company "KEZ "TRANSSIGNAL" offers the prodaction for Railways 

Commercial Offer

LLC «Agro Prom Sfera» offers: 

Grain seeders, row-crop planters, cultivators

Commercial Offer Production examples 


SE "Amber Ukraine" 

SE "Amber Ukraine" is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which is engaged in the extraction and processing of amber from the fields of Ukraine.

We manufacture stone products,  jewelry products with precious metal, paintings and amber souvenirs.

At the moment we are in search of partners abroad. The commercial offer is attached in the applications and we are ready to provide additional information.

ДП "Бурштин України"

+38 (0362) 620671 +38 (097) 9921213 e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]


Commercial Offer Commercial Offer2

LLC DRUKMASH-CENTER offers sets of spares for assembling wheelchairs

Additional useful information is available on www.drukmash.com/

Commercial Offer


 fried sunflower seeds in assortment

 fried and salted pumpkin seeds

 fried sunflower kernel

 fried peanut beans

 kernel with flavor additive     Commercial Offer  Presentation

LLC “Khlibozavod №1” offers  Flour confectionery products TM “SWEET ARTE” (sugar cookies and butter biscuits) Commercial offer  

Sitka Zahid LLC offers Metal mesh & fencing manufacturer  Commercial offer   Presentation Declaration of Conformity

LLC "CCC" offers the services for manufacture and installation of equipment for the agro-industrial complex   More info on WEB 

VDone-Ukraine Limited offers: 

611011 – wool knitwear

611020 – cotton knitwear

611030 – acrylic knitwear

620520 – men’s shirts

620640 – ladies blouses

620443 – ladies dresses

620111 – men’s overcoats

620211 – ladies overcoats

620462, 620443 – ladies trousers    Presentation  Commercial offer

620341, 620342 – men’s  trousers 

ATMA Ltd offers: 

Sanitary-hygienic products: hand towels (V-fold, Z-fold, rolls), wiping material, industrial rolls, toilet paper(folded, in rolls), facial tissue, napkins (V-fold,  L-fold), bar napkins, toilet seat covers, medical rolls.

Products from metal: ashtray bins, waste bins, hand towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, glove and shoe cover dispenser, toilet seat cover dispensers, sign plates.

Commercial Offer   Paper products  Catalogue

Body and Home care products: liquid soap, shower gel

LLC "CCC" offers equipment for agro-industrial complex  Catalogue of products  LLC "CCC" website

LLC « ORIGIN AGRO» offers agricultural machinery  Catalogue  https://origin.ua/ 

"Nikiforov" factory offers brass fittings  Commercial offer  Catalogue of products

Private production commercial plant  PP CP “SHVYDKIST” offers products of high-quality environmentally friendly material: aopper, grade Mlf (CuDhp), for the rooflng of private houses, cottages, housing construction, administrative buildings, museums, a building of historical significance. It is a recognized European standard for high-quality roofing material for capital construction.  More Recommendations for Insulation and Installation instructions 

Firmа DIAMANT LTD offers cereals, flour, flakes.  Commercial offer  Product Catalogue 

Individual Entrepreneur Donchevskyi Denys offers wooden and metal products:

- lamps, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps;

- furniture, racks, shelves, decor elements;

- toys, souvenirs;

- wooden products with company logos for restaurants and offices.

Commercial offer  


Catalogue of products

ATS Ukraine LLC offers natural honey. Volume of supply - 40-60 tons per month. Essential terms and conditions of the contract will be sent in the commercial offer on request Commercial offer

LLC «GOODGRAINOIL» offers: sunflower oil – refined, winterized & deodorized, packed in  1l, 1.8l or 5l bottles; unrefined sunflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed meal, сorn for feed 3d class Commercial offer


offers cheese, milk whey powder, skimmed milk powder    Commercial offer

A large furniture manufacturer in Ukraine, "Moidodir" is looking for a partner to export to Lithuania sets of furniture for the bathroom:

stands are complete marble countertops, washbasins, mirrors, wall cabinets, ! customs code 94036090. You can view the products here http://moidodir.com

Contacts: export manager Oleksandr Rishko +380 469 89 47, Zabolotnogo

str., 15 Kyiv, UKRAINE,   http://www.moidodir.com

For price-list contact [email protected] export manager Oleksandr Rishko We also offer veneer made of natural wood: oak, ash to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture.

1) Veneer planted oak thickness - 0,55mm; the texture is radial and tangental, width -110mm +; length -2100-3600mm

2) Veneer planted ash -thickness - 0,55mm; the texture is radial and tangental, width -120mm +; length -2100-3600mm Exw For price-list contact [email protected]  export manager Oleksandr Rishko


«INVALSA» MB offers products from Ukraine: POLISOL extract ("POLISOL" - the healing power of sprouted grains), SAGO groats, MALT extract, KVASS, Farina

Commercial offer   Web.page : www.polisol.lt   Prodcers   web.page : http://m.starch.com.ua 

The company “Tehnovyrob”, Kyiv, Ukraine, offers cooperation and industrial cooperation with Lithuanian companies wich are work in engineering, metal and steel structures:

– For the production and supply of parts, components, assemblies, parts and various metal structures of steel and cast iron various brands, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and bronze

– Production of dies for presses hot and cold-forged steel parts – Production of molds for the manufacture of technical rubber (seals, rings for hydraulic systems and equipment) of different brands – construction of prefabricated structures, warehouses, storage facilities and other objects from metal constructions and sandwich panels

– Production of metal parts and electric method (semiautomatic welding machines and spot welding) – Manufacturing of aluminum alloys, zinc and bronze by injection molding in a mold casting machines

– Production of parts from various steels and cast iron machining metal and metal processing all types of metal, including machine tools and machining centers, CNC (computer controlled).

– Manufacture of machinery and equipment for kitchens of restaurants and cafes stainless steel (cabinets for dishes, sinks, shelves, tables, special furniture, etc.) At prices 30-40% lower than in your market.

Commercial offer      http://tehnovyrob.in.ua/en_GB/ 

 Dniprodzerzhynsky Steelmaking Plant 

offers steek and cast iron abrasives (shot and grift), law carbon steel shot    Product


offers school notebooks, drawing albums, notepads, color paper sets for school, children's clay for sculpting, watercolors for school (watercolor, gouache), special paper products for school (atlases, maps, notebooks for school subjects), sets of cardboards and color paper children's    Commercial offer


offers windows, doors and sliding systems  made of wood, PVC, aluminum 

Introduction letter   Commercial offer  Presentation  Sliding system PVC  Windows and doors PVC   Wooden windows


Pamibro LTD 

offers paper bags  Letter to potential partner   Pamibro LTD Presentation

LLC "Hybro Technologies" 

offers wall-mounted ceramic infrared heating panels Commercial offer   Advantages and unique selling points of the products  

Photo black panel   Photo Ivory panel  Photo ivory panel 2

“Cit − Consulting” LLC offers POS materials: hinged, floor-standing, desktop displays; information, presentation, advertisement, exhibition, storage stands; standard and non-standard merchandizing equipment so on   Commercial offer  Photo

“MRIYA E SEWING COMPANY LLC” offers  textile products produced in the full cycle by the tolling scheme  Commercial offer

PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY "AVDEEVSKIY FACTORY OF METAL CONSTRUCTIONS" offers: Metal structures of unified steel poles of the grid type of overhead transmission lines with voltage VL35-750 kV, round and polyhedral lighting poles, power polyhedral poles, polyhedral lighting masts, steel poles on the basis of polyhedral racks up to 550kV  Commercial offer  Infoletter

Private Enterprise “Viktor and K” offers Sunflower oil, soybean oil , mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces, ketchup, tomato paste and sauces, mustard  Commercial offer

Limited Liability Company MAXIDEN offers Decorative cornice made of expanded polystyrene (flat moulding, coves), intended for ornamental finishing of buildings Commercial offer

PJSC Avdiyivskiy Metal Contractions Plant offers many-sides conic poles of lighting and contact network of city transport  Infor-Letter  About products

GFS Global Trade offers cakes, desserts, beverages, barry, bakery products, semi-finishes goods, breakfast cereals, ready meals  About company and products   Poduct Catalogue 

The Ukrainian company "LAND HOLDING" offers better quality flour  Letter  Flour characteristics

"INTECHBUDMONTAGE" Ltd. is looking for opportunities to enter EU market.

Our product is softwood frame houses made from Ukrainian wood.

We produce Energy-Saving Wooden Frame Houses by Canadian Technology. More info  Commercial offer

Technics and Technologies, ltd. is looking for the partners in Europe for cooperation in activities:

1. Purchasing (interest: tractors, GPS-navigation, electronic equipment, balers)

2. Sales in Europe (agricultural machinery and equipment of Ukrainian origin)

3.INVESTMENT from Europe into goods promotion systems and agricultural machinery manufacturing in Ukraine.

Appeal to potential partners    More about company

LLC "Farutti" offers LED lamps, lamps with incandescent lamp  Presentation  Products Commercial Offer

Clover Groupe LLC offers: Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Linseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Wheat, Com/Maize, Soya Beans, Rape Seeds, Feed Barley, Barley, Sunflower Seeds, Pea, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Butter Ghee, Dried Milk, Sunflower Honey, Oak Planks, Pine Logs & Planks, Pellet White, Pellet Light Brown, and others, refer directory  Commercial offer PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2017 

LLC "Saffran Ukraine" offers textile products  Presentation Commercial offer

Agrofirm Pole Ltd. offers organic hulled millet, conventional hulled millet, organic lentils, organic chickpeas, organic wheat, organic peas, organic sunflower seeds Commercial offer  Presentation

“KRUPYANIY TIK” LLC offers Millet, polished peas, wheat groats, peeled barley, pearl barley, corn grits (groats), wheat flour  Commercial offer

“August – Kiy” LTD offers organic agricultural products  Assortment  Commercial offer Price list (Packed product)  Price list (unpacked product)

Organic Certificate

Dnepropetrovsk Food Concentrates Plant offers dry breakfasts, sweet corn sticks, instant food,  confectionery and desserts   Presentation  Export presentation  Commercial offer

AGAT GOLD LLC offers:  1.Rutile concentrate 2. Zircon concentrate 3. iimenite concentrate | ТІ02 ) 5АУ, and 63% 4. Kyanite -- Sitlmanitc Acinose concentrate (AL2{Si0}0 5 Staufolite concentrate 6. Quaftz sand for glass industry 7. Natural close sand 8 Molding quartz sand 8.2ircon flour 9.Kyanite Si limanitc Acinose concentrate 10 Rutile flour  Commercial offer

The MDM Limited Company is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality professional disinfecting and antiseptic products in Ukraine. Presentation  Manorm - rescue goods   Commercial offer

LLC Donbas Industrial Company (DIC) –
is a machine building entrerprise aiming at manufacturing and mastering new equipment of mining processing, fuel and energy, and metallurgical complexes. We constantly work on widening of inventory coverage and quality improvements of producing equipment, able to fully satisfy demands and expectations of customers.
LLC DIC’s products are widely used in many enterprises in countries-members of NIS. Our equipment gained a reputation of being highly qualitative, relatively cheap, both easy and reliable in operation, which results in keen demand and a large amount of customers’ positive feedback.
Developed tool and technological infrastructure, high-performance technological processes and modern equipment make for the manufacturing products in full compliance with technical specifications and customer’s wishes.
The production of new equipment which becomes demanded by customers is being developed recently. Highly customized approach for every enterprise favours more qualitative technical issues solutions and reinforces our companies’ cooperation.
We hope sincerely that our company’s products will interest you, and the given catalogue will help you to orientate in the variety of our equipment and find lucrative for your business solutions!
DONBAS   Commercial offer  http://www.dic.dn.ua 

  LLC "Ukrtekhnofoods" offers equipment for the food industry

The main specialization of our company is the production of high-tech equipment for national breads, confectionery and pasta equipment. Own design office and industrial base allows to realize tasks of any complexity, starting with the designing and development of design documentation, ending with the manufacturing and launching of equipment in the customer's production areas.  

At the same time, each realizable project developed for specific requirements of the buyer, with considering of planned assortment of products, available industrial buildings and the budget.   More about company and product

“Trade House Rud Exhaust System” LLC offers convective heating wood stoves and accessories

Commercial offer    Prices  www.rudwoodstove.com  http://b-b-q.com.ua/    

LLC “Ukrainian Solutions” offers: vodka, zeolites  

Commercial offer Vodka  price Vodka  Commercial offer zeolites  info Zeolites

LLC "Ladyroom" offers furniture:vanity tables, mirrors in frame and beds  Commercial offer

\«SKLOPROM»LLC one of the biggest producer of matte glass, glass and mirror  with patterns in Ukraine     Presentation    http://skloprom.com.ua/en/

LLC “ZELKO GROUP” offers Compressor equipment and centrifugal compressors 

Commercial offer    Presentation

Corporate group «BROTEP» offers COOLING TOWERS   Cooling Towers Components1

Cooling Towers components2  Cooling Towers Components3  Cooling Towers Components4

 LLC TH Odeskabel offers hi-tech cable products which are widely used in building, manufacturing, energy supply, transport, tube railroads, railways and other productive industries.
Besides, Trade House offers a wide range of electrical equipment from household lamps up to transformer stations. A variety of related products help us to carry out comprehensive supplies to consumers Commercial offer

Maritime Inter Service LLC offers  agriculture and food products Commercial offer

Gubernia-2009, LLC offers Wheat Flour   Commercial offer

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “VITEO” offers  dried vegetables, fruits jams, berries jams 

Commercial offer

POLYMER Ltd offers:  Food film    Containers for eggs   More about company

Elvatech Ltd. (Kiev, Ukraine) offers XRF spectrometers and handheld XRF analyzer http://www.elvatech.com/en

Elvatech Ltd. (Kiev, Ukraine) is an R&D enterprise specializing in production of a range of EDXRF spectrometers. Elvatech Ltd. was established in 1991. In 1998 Elvatech became one of the first companies in the world to start series production of benchtop XRF spectrometers based on the use of Si-PIN Diode detectors. Since then ElvaX benchtops have been operated all over the world in more than 50 countries in all the main XRF applications such as metallurgy, geo-exploration, casting, srap sorting, jewelry and precious metals assay, archaeological analysis, forensics, RoHS and WEEE compliance, petrochemicals analysis etc. In 2011 Elvatech launched a new handheld XRF analyzer ElvaX ProSpector, which employs the most recent developments in XRF analysis. ElvaX ProSpector demonstrates excellent precision and the highest analysis speed on the market. Elvatech Ltd. always provides leading XRF solutions where businesses need them, constantly expanding the range of XRF applications. 

spectrometer ElvaX           handheld XRF analyzer ElvaX ProSpector       ElvaX Jewelry Lab 



ROBIN LLC (TM Amberwood Ltd.)offers different types of PINE products: edged boards, beams, clear boards, lamellas and laminated scantlings for window and door / fresh, insecticide, kiln-dried (if required) softwood lumber Commercial offer  Presantation

Limited Liability Company "ARKAT" offers bedspreads and  woman's kerchief  Commercial offer 

Garuda – Invest ltd. offers IT services  COMMERCIAL OFFER  about company   letter

Agrofirm Pole Ltd. offers organic hulled millet, conventional hulled millet, organic lentils, organic chickpeas, organic wheat, organic peas, organic sunflower seeds

Commercial offer  About Pole Ltd  Certificate  Trade Mark


Private production company “KASKAD-2001” offers  sunflower oil of the highest quality

Commercial offer   Questionnaire Form 

Ukrzelenbud ltd. offers live cooled Burgundy sneil, sneil meat "Zdravyk"  commercial offer

Private enterprise "Ruslan i Ludmila" offers «CONTRRUST» - rust modifier, protective primer of high efficiency, non-toxic, environmentally safe. One component    

Presentation Commercial offer Technical description

Ukrainian company "Agrarian Center" offer agriculture products: 

cereals  prices for cereals   prices for grain   prices for oil  prices for vegetables



“ BERDYANSK LIFTING & TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT PLANT” offers Round-linking welded chains of general designation and Intermediate chain length cable More about products

STARWOOD ZAKARPATTIA Inc. offers solid hardwood flooring, lumber & edge glued panels made from European Beech

Starwood Zakarpattia owns and operates a manufacturing facility, located near the beech forests in the West of the Carpathian Mountains that specializes in the manufacture of solid hardwood flooring, lumber & edge glued panels made from European Beech.

Starwood Zakarpattia began operation in 2008 and is a very successful company that is well established in the wood processing industry.

Our business, and ones of its nature, are in high demand. Due to the large customer demand, we have decided to expand the sales geography and channels through which we gain new business.

Starwood products match and exceed the rigorous standards of the National Wood Flooring Association. Manufactured from pure beech logs, with no chemical additives, Starwood products are also ecologically friendly and FSC certified.

In that regard, we appeal to help us in new markets expand our products, assistance in increasing the market share and establishing long-term business partnerships with clients.

I greatly appreciate your time with regard to this matter. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us at the phone number and email provided below.

Best regards,

Maryna Kovalova


Tsentralna 19, 90351 Vylok, Ukraine

mobile: +38 050 560 4441

e-mail: [email protected]



LLC Klion offers fish products and seafood:  export offer 

Innovation company "Techenergo-SV" LTD offers the energy efficient environmentally safe recycling units ""Ekotrit" of the capacity from 0,5 to 12,4 MW   Presantation

ООО "Инновационная компания Техэнерго-СВ" предлагает установки энергоэффективной экологически безопастной утилазации отходов "Экотрит"  от 0,5 до 12,4 Мвт. Презентация 

Fruit Master Foods Ltd offers beverages, nectars, juices commercial offer

LLC "Akatsiya 2013" offers Natural Mineral Water, bottled  commercial offer presantation

LLC "Green Energy" offers Wood pellets commercial offer


Ukrainian consortium Lotexim comprising enterprises for the production and distribution of ecological energy from organic matter offers alternative motor fuels A 95E TURBO with bioethanol content from 35 to 85% and guarantees delivery to the buyer

presentation of product        certificate of сonformity  Formula of product        certificate of quality

                                               translation of certificate  translation of formula   translation of certificate of qvality 

Coreton Energy offers biomass fuel products presentation  letter commercial offer

"Vinnytsiaelektrotekhnologiya" interested in cooperation with the companies that provide services of the overhead power transmission lines and distribution installations of various types of tension. Letter to partners

We are interested in cooperation with the companies that provide services of the overhead power transmission lines and distribution installations of various types of tension. The wide experience of work in the sphere of power industry allows us to develop technologies of works and production of necessary devices for implementation of repair and technical maintenance of transmission power lines of high voltage and also including the live-line maintenance.

We offer individual approach with the high-quality solution of the tasks set for us on development of technologies of works, production of the equipment for work, training of your personnel in theoretical and practical knowledge.

We will be glad to consider your offers about a mutually beneficial cooperation!


Farm "Druzba" offers apples, dried pears, dried plums mob.+380505338186 [email protected] 

The company "Tehnovyrob" m. Kyiv, Ukraine offers cooperation and industrial cooperation with companies in your country which specialize in engineering, metal and steel structures:More

LLC "Confectionary Factory "Desna"" offers oat and butter cookies, grissini (breadsticks), chopped breadsticks, muffins and other products  Prise list

LLC "Shevchenko food Factory" offers cereals, groats, flour, flakes Prise list

Association "UKRSADPROM" (fruit and berries)  letter  presentation

Company Lauffer Group  is looking for partners in Lithuania to sell their products 

(canned jam, canned vegetables, cookies, etc.)  More about company and products  Presantation of products



Novofert LTD offers complex NPK fertilizers

Ekobiotek-Ukraine LTD offers sunflоwеr oil, letter   commercial offer 

Azov Shiprepair Yard  

Ship repair works  Products

INBEL Limited liability company (TM NOVACORE®) vitamin-mineral premix, 

 albuminous vitamin-mineral additives (AVMA) Commercial Offer Presantation Prices

LLC "Stolychnyj Mlyn"  Commercial Offer

ZAHIDTRANSSERVICE LLC offers food, agricultural and other products  

Commercial offer   Catalog

Symferopol vine and cognac plant:  Presantation Commercial Offer

Euro Alliance Group Ltd. 

Large-sized electrical kitchen appliances and accessories for them with a unique design at an affordable price 

commercial offer  catalog

Offer grain cleaning and grading machines of AGRO-VIGS LLC  Commercial offer

 Uventa PE Offer wholesale supplies Honey

Ltd. "Biofuels Ukraine 2000"

Commercial offerpriсes

INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEUR  - KARYI YEVHEN  Environmental  handmade goods Goods   Commertial Offe

Private Join Stock Company “Ukrainian R&D Institute for Industrial Flue Gas Purification” 

- Design estimates for environmental projects related to air purification, including glue gas cleaning, ventilation, waste and emission inventory, physical and chemical investigation of wastes and emissions

- Design and manufacturing of any non-standard fabricated metals related to environmental projects

Commercial Offer

- Waste management; landfills projecting    

Chumak company presentation Commercial Offer

STATE ENTERPRISE ARTYOMSOL, Rock salt (food common salt, salt for industrial use)  Commercial Offer

LLC "Sellfish Group" Shelled, Walnuts Commercial Offer

«Garden Union Traiding LTD» 

COMMERCIAL OFFER Refined/unrefined Sunflower Oil Possible delivery of cereals, flour, meat, fertilizers, metals, woods

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +380 (63) 0730995

Site: www.gardenunion.com.ua

Skype: gardenunion

LLC "Vinil", Wallpaper and similar wallcoverings Commercial Offer



Hire Ukrainians Software  Introduction Presentation

Ukrainian State Enterprise UKRSPIRT is an exclusive state producer and operator of the Ukrainian ethyl alcohol on internal and foreign markets. We are interested in expanding our business and exporting our products to your market.  More

«Ukrzelenbud» ltd,  Brand: «lunar-resonant lighting «DymA»


 Limited Liability Company “TK-Domashniy tekstyl” 

Presentation Commercial Offer

INTERSTARCH Ukraine LLC, foods  


Commercial offers - Ukrelektroaparat, PJSC (transformers - power up to 6300 kVA, voltage up to 35 kV/ transformer substations - power up to 6300 kVA)

SAN TEH RAI, Ltd, Aluminum and bimetallic radiator heating, aluminum die castings




LLC ''ROTRADE'' sells honey


BMB Compound Ltd offers Confectionery glaze 

BMB Compound Ltd presentation

Confectionery coating number 55 Pa   Confectionery glaze № 21-03 P  

Confectionery glaze № 25/1 P    Confectionery glaze № 301 Pa  

Confectionery glaze № 302/11

Stal-M, LLC (City of Rivne, Ukraine) www.stal-m.ua  is looking for distributors & dealers in bulding sphere in Your country.

Also  we are interested in collaboration with construction companies.

  Stal-M, LLC established as an enterprise aimed at development, production, and sales of the certified metal burglar-resistant and fire proof doors, gates and trapdoors, safes. Our products are represented in many projects: Honda and Toyota automobile showrooms, Novus supermarket chain, Rivne and Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plants, art hall and prestige hall blocks of flats, Banknote Paper Factory of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yuzhnyi Sea Port, ARCELORMITTAL Kryvyi Rih, PJSCj, cottage communities, high-rise apartment buildings, office centers, banks, schools and other establishments in Ukraine.

Some Advantages of Stal-M products

1.     We can produce doors to custom sizes.

2.     High heat and sound insulation available.

3.    Door frames are painted with a resistant powder coating.

4.   The door and the frame are filled with fiberglass, not Styrofoam.

5.   For security, 1.2 or 1.5 mm steel sheets are used on both sides of the door.

6.     Anti-cut - Special designed system to stop door removal by removing hinges.

7.     Two or three hinges оn bearings, for smooth opening.

8.     Standard of MUL-T-LOCK system - 3 pin dead bolt system.

9.      Option of additional locks can be added from ROSTEX (Czech Republic) or MUL-T-LOCK (Israel).

10.     Hidden inside the door is an additional steel box to defend the lock from tampering  from any direction.

11.     Under the outside steel door sheet, there is a 3 mm thick plate to protect the lock from tampering.

12.    You have the option of a single key for multiple locks.

Stal-M, LLC  is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and is a member of the Ukrainian Locksmith Federation (ULF, #020) and the European Locksmith Federation (ELF).

Whether you have any questions concerning my offer or besides it please contact me.

Contact person: Aliona Cherniavska

E-mail: [email protected]


Skype: alyona.chernyavska1



«Rodnoy Product» Limited Liability Company 

Flour, cereals and pasta (packaged / in bulk) 




Dniprodzerzhinsk Steel Casting Works, ME

Products offered for export: steel shot and grit; steel casting


wheat flour from hard wheat; wheat flour with soft wheat;rye flour; Sunflower oil; oil cake from sunflower seeds


Private Enterprise «Agropromservice» is interested in partnership with foreign partners on mutualiy beneficial condition (grocery and snack products)

"SYNTEZ-PROFIT" Company (Ukraine) is interested in finding partners to export self-made products:

- the half carcass of frozen and chilled beef of the first category;

- the first and second sort of frozen beef in blocks;

- the pieces of the frozen beef;

- monosort frozen beef.

Kyiv, 03151, Ukraine,
40 Ushins`koho St.
Contact: Andriy Bazyl`skyy,
tel.mob. + 38095-475-59-58
e-mail: [email protected]
[email protected], [email protected]

«UMS-Polyester» Company has a 15-years’ experience of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products manufacturing. We are not limited to any format, complexity, color or scope.

Main parameters of GRP:

ü     Long lifetime;

ü     No extra maintenance;

ü     Small weight simplifying transportation and installation;

ü     No metals or other materials interesting for scrap collectors;

ü     Corrosion, high and low temperatures resistance. 


Сompany "Poltava Sad" can export from Ukraine bee products: honey, propolis, wax, pollen, royal jelly. All products are of high quality and match international standards.

Contacts:e-mail:  [email protected], tel:  +38 066 506 2827


Company "Bang", biofuel pellets

Company TOV Vlad+

- Contract processing and subcontracting
- Assembly of electronic and mechatronic components and assemblies
- Plastic injection moulding
- Cable assembly, including soldering, attaching contacts, assembling and moulding plugs
 - Soldering circuit boards


Commercial proposals of Kherson Region of Ukraine November 2015

Commercial offer - Brand «Petrykivsky Servyz» (decorated porcelain tableware)


Catalogue of competitive industrial production of Ternopil region

Enterprise “PROMENERGOMASH”, pump equipment,  metal structures, foundry products

Company PROMARKET, metal products

Prise 1    Prise 2

Company "DUCOR" 

Children`s soft play equipment (ball pool, constructor etc.),
Children’s playgrounds and Sports ground,
Outdoor furniture (pavilions, benches, tables, pergolas etc.)
Moreover Anti-vibration mounts.
We have more than 500 sorts of goods

Technopark "Malinovski"

Malinovski industrial park is one of the biggest food parks in Ukraine and Europe. The total investment in its creation exceeded 200 million USD.

Today in Technopark successfully operate 4 modern factories:

- Distillery «Prime» (http://www.olimp.ua/en/age/).

Reference: «PRIME» - the largest, powerful and innovative distillery in Ukraine and Europe. The company employs the best Ukrainian experts. It consist of the best equipment of the world manufacturers, established 7 bottling lines, the total design capacity is 24 million bottles per month. The capacity of each line - 12 thousand bottles per hour.

Artesian water which is used in production has unique characteristics and properties. The production uses only the finest grain alcohol. The only natural ingredients for the preparation of aromatic spirits and infusions are being used.

- Malinovski Glassworks (http://www.malglass.com/En).

Reference: The company is the most modern glasswork in Ukraine with the latest equipment (Horn, Sarmet, Emhart, Teka, SGCC), including NNPB moldable machine.

Included in the Top-5 Ukrainian specialized manufacturers with 7% share of the domestic market.

It produces a wide range of products, such as a bottle for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, a jar, etc. It is planned to start production of medical packaging and bottles for premium vodka segment.

The total investment in the plant is about 90 million USD. According to expert studies, the minimum warranty period of the furnace without major repairs – till the end of 2018.

- Plant of aluminum closures «KGS» (http://www.kgs.com.ua/eng/).

Reference: «KGS» - the only enterprise in Ukraine with a closed production cycle of the screw cap on the bottle of food aluminum (from offset printing on aluminum sheet to insertion of the dispenser or the gasket into a finished product), design capacity - 60 million units per month.

All production lines are automated and enterprise systems use the latest electronics and software. The slightest deviation from programmed standards leads to stop the equipment.

- Factory complex of deep processing of grain - "Bikorm" (https://bikorm.com/).

Reference: "Bikorm" carries deep processing of cereals (maize, sorghum, millet, wheat, barley) and produces a variety of organic substances - starch, gluten, bran, protein concentrates, fuel components.


Presentation of Technopark "Malinovski"


"Korosten MDF Plant", Zhitomir region

Enterprise: "Korosten MDF Plant" is the Ukrainian leader in MDF and laminate flooring production. The daily and annual Plant production capacity is 900 m³ and 300,000 m³ of board-type materials respectively. ›The factory area: 70 hectares. ›Number of workers: 400.

The Plant includes MDF production line with the equipment located both inside separate buildings and outside as well as auxiliary buildings, engineering networks, depots, transport lines, security and anti-fire systems. A well-known provider of equipment for wood-working industry German company Siempelkamp supplies the machines for the Plant, as well as carries out the designing and engineering.

The equipment allows to produce sanded MDF boards with the thickness from 3 up to 40 mm which meet the requirements of EN622-5 European standard and have formaldehyde content in accordance with toxicity grade E1 (the strictest  requirements).



Address: Ukraine, 11501, Zhytomyr region, Korosten, Post Office 1, PO box 29.


›- MDF boards laminated and sanded;

- Laminate floor class 32 / AC4

Contact details:  Artem Zinchenko +38 (067) 465 75 67, e-mail:  [email protected]

Sales Department: 04070, Ukraine, Kiew, Sagaidachnogo str., 11, tel./fax: +38(044)220 43 11

«Favorit-2020» soap factory, Cherkassy

Enterprise: Company "Favorit-2020" of All-Ukrainian Public Disabled Organization "Movement for equal opportunities" located in Cherkassy employs people with disabilities in order to receive funds
for own development and support to the unprotected social categories of population, namely
people with disabilities.

Address: 159/3 Smilianska str., Cherkasy, Ukraine, 18008

Goods for export:

- Fatty acids

- Laundry soap 72% Group 1 GOST (State-wide standard) 4544: 2006

- Soap "Bath", 200 g GOST (State-wide standard) 4537: 2006

- Liquid soap

- Dishwashing liquid

- Soap flakes

Contact details:  Anatolii Kalenchuk - Director, Oleg Smolka - Deputy Director

Tel./fax: +380 (472) 663891
Mob. +380 50 6914636, +380 93 3384587
E-mail: oleg [email protected][email protected]
Skype:  oleg.smolka

Khimprom LTD, Cherkassy

Enterprise: The company «Khimprom LTD» is looking for importers and commercial agents, grain traders interested in longterm cooperation in the area of export of grain products grown in Ukraine.

Address: Ukraine, Cherkassy region, Cherkassy, 18000, Shevchenka 150 office 1

Goods for export:

1. Name of the product: Wheat

Quantity offered for selling, tons: 5 000 mt +/- 5% in the Seller's option

2. Name of the product: Corn

Quantity offered for selling, tons: 10 000 mt +/- 5% in the Seller's option

3. Name of the product: Sunflower seeds

Quantity offered for selling, tons: 10 000 mt +/- 5% in the Seller's option

4. Name of the product: Soybean

Quantity offered for selling, tons: 3 000 mt +/- 5% in the Seller's option

5. Name of the product: Rapeseed

Quantity offered for selling, tons: 5 000 mt +/- 5% in the Seller's option

Delivery basis (Incoterms 2010): FOB - port in the Black Sea, DAF border Ukraine, DAP, CIF.

Period of shipment from the plant August - September 2015

Currency of payment USD, EUR

Contact detailsKravec Stanislav Anatolevich - Director

PHONE: +380 97 007-0078

FAX: +380 472 321-942

E-mail:[email protected]

LLC "Ukrainian Ecological Group"


Electronic catalog of Ukrainian food products «Ukrainian Food 2015"

AvtoKrAZ, Public Joint-Stock Company

Enterprise: The AvtoKrAZ is one of the biggest CIS companies engaged in production of KrAZ heavy-duty vehicles: dump trucks, platform trucks, fifth-wheel truck tractors, timber lorries, log trucks, chassis intended for mounting of various installations.
A whole range of the company’s products is certified in accordance with the UKRSEPRO Ukrainian Standards Requirements and GOST Russian Standards Requirements.
Rugged, reliable and high quality KrAZ heavy-duty trucks intended for operation in different climate and road conditions are recognized by a wide range of customers.
Main products: KrAZ vehicles, spare parts

Address: 62, Kyivskaya Str., Kremenchuk, UKRAINE, 39631 

Contact detailsDeputy Head of Sales Department: Andrii Kovaliov

E-mail:[email protected]  fax: +38 (0536) 76-62-08  tel. +38 (0536)766-888


1 , , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

“UKR-Granite” LLC glad to offer You our services as a supplier of products and raw materials of Natural Stone from Ukraine


Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard

Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard was established in 1951 close to Ilyichevsk Sea port, 15 km from International airport and about 20 km from Odessa. Besides, ships calling at Ilyichevsk in winter have the additional benefit of mild climatic conditions here.

Since the foundation of Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard, it has carried out repair works of all vessels types, using the latest technology. In 2006, the company changed ownership from public to private. These changes, along with increased activity of Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard in the world ship repair market led to a comprehensive modernization of the production capacity of the Yard.

Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard is the largest Ukrainian shiprepair who provides first class facilities for any kind of ship repair and conversion. Nowadays the company is capable to repair all types of ships up to Panamax size including technically advanced types of vessels such as car carriers, ro-ro, ferries, Panamax product tankers, multipurpose vessels and container carriers.

Contact data of the company:

Ukraine, 68093
59 - B Kosmonavtov str., Selo Malodolinskoye,
City of Ilyichevsk, 68093, Odessa region

Marketing department: +38 (048) 712 66 43        +38 (048) 703 80 01   +38 (094) 956 10 01
E-mail:[email protected][email protected][email protected]


Business proposal (Eng) (Rus)

State Eenterprise «USPYRT»

Enterprise: The state enterprise of alcohol and liquor industry «UKRSPYRT» (SE "UKRSPYRT") is the sole state operator of the Ukrainian alcohol on internal and foreign markets that provide more than 95% of alcohol production in Ukraine.

Address: B. Grynchenka Str., 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

Products, services: GOODS FOR EXPORT

  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Technical alcohol
  • Ancient recipe-based vodka and liqueur and spirit production
  • Production of technical purpose
    • Biofuel "Bio-100"
    • MFCA (motor fuel constituent active)
    • Window washer
    • Detergents
    • Printing ink solvent
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) 
  • Brewing malt
  • Quass mashes concentrate 
  • Grain bards concentrate 
  • Dry grain bard

The company is the only authorized in Ukraine ethyl alcohol exporter, which is used primarily for production of alcoholic beverages. It can supply ethyl alcohol at a price of 6.9 - 7.0 USD per decalitre of up to 10.0 million decalitres per year.

Contact details:

Acting Director Roman Ivanyuk tel. +38 (044) 278 5802 

E-mail: [email protected]  

Website: http://www.ukrspirt.com/en

Manufacturing and Trading Company “ACME” LLC

Enterprise“ACME” LLC - Ukrainian manufacturer of hair-dye and hair care products.

Address: P.O. Box 62, Promyshlennaya Street, 5, Ukrainka city, Obukhov district, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08720.

Products, services: COMPANY PRESENTATION

“ACME” LLC offers for sale the following hair care products, made of high-quality and safe raw materials from the world's leaders in chemical industry - Henkel (Germany), Huwell (Italy), Lowenstein (USA), etc.

- Hair - dye

- ­Hair - lightening

- ­Ammonia-free and toning hair dyes

- ­Hair care

­- Other

Contact details:

President:   S.Dyachuk, tel.  +38 (04472) 7-53-56

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.acme-color.com

"Ukrainian hosiery company" LTD

Enterprise: "Ukrainian hosiery company" LTD, Lviv city - Ukrainian manufacturer of socks & tights.

Address: 93 Pasichna str., Lviv, Ukraine


1. Current socks collections sales.
2. Development of individual collections for customer.
3. Socks manufacturing under Trade mark of the Customer.

"Ukrainian hosiery company" produces socks for men, women and children.

„Accent” ТМ high segment - Summer collection / Winter collection.

„Bonus” ТМ middle segment - Summer collection / Winter collection.



QUESTIONNAIRE for goods, offered for export

Contact details:

Director:   Ezerska Oksana, Ozherelev Andriy tel. +38(032) 2418050, mob. +38 063 2436567

E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected] 

Website: http://upk.lviv.ua/eng/index

"Advertising Production Company "ATILLA" LLC

Enterprise: "ATILLA" is a Kyiv-based full-service company manufacturing a broad range of serial and custom-made tent constructions of the highest quality. It performs service maintenance in Central and Eastern Europe, mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Address: Ukraine 02105, Kiev, 15a Myra Ave.


The company specializes in the production of industrial, commercial, advertising and consumer constructions:

- Industrial tent constructions (storage hangars, warehouses, equipment shelters, premises and exhibition spaces)

- Sports halls (covers for tennis courts, football fields, horse riding arenas, pools, volleyball grounds)

- Agricultural hangars (granaries, vegetable storage facilities, greenhouses)

- Livestock breeding complexes

- Aircraft hangars

- Public constructions

- Parking sheds

- Military shelters

- Advertising constructions (POSM, umbrellas and tents)

- Aluminium constructions


Contact details:

Director:   Agarkova Hanna

E-mail: [email protected]

skype: Anna Agarkova

Tel.: +38 (044) 237 1448

Website: http://atilla.ua/en

45 Questionnaires of Ukrainian Companieslooking for partners in Lithuania

1. PJSC «Dnipropetrovs’k food concentrates plant», Dnipropetrovsk city (food production: ground coffee; coffee drinks and instant drinks; cereals (corn flakes, sweet and salty pads); confectionery (wafers); food concentrates (soups); desserts (jelly); bread crumbs)

2. «ADEPT-INDSYSTEMS LLC» , Odessa city (agro-industrial facilities design, equipment supply, construction and maintenance)

3. «Aisberg» Ltd , Odessa city (production of refrigeration equipment for supermarkets and hypermarkets)

4. «Iceblick» Ltd , Odessa city

5. Subsidiary Enterprise «Drill Collars and Kellys Plant», Sumy city (steel-foundry, forge-thermal, mechanical machining)

6. «VINIL» LLC , Dnipropetrovsk (wallpaper business)

7. «Viluta» LLC , Dnipropetrovsk (bed linen manufacturing)

8. State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» , Dnipropetrovsk region (production and disposal of explosion and fire dangerous materials)

9. «Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant» Ltd , Dnipropetrovsk (tubes manufaturing)

10. PJSC «Impulse» , Chernivtsi city (furniture)

11. PJSC «AvtoKrAZ» , Kremenchuk city (KrAZ trucks manufacturing)

12. PJSC «Elektromotor» , Poltava city (electrical industry, induction motorsmanufacturing)

13. TzDV «Fabryka "Trembita» , Lviv city (wood processing, production of acoustic musical instruments, manufacture of furniture)

14. PJSC «Kryukov Railway Car Building Works» , Kremenchug city (manufacturing of spare parts for railway rolling stock, freight cars and locomotive-hauled passenger coaches, EMUs, DMUs, metro cars, escalators, containers)

15. PJSC «Poltava Machinery Plant» , Poltava city (industrial equipment for processing meat or poultry and spare parts to it; units to steam turbines)

16. The Group of Companies «Sodruzhestvo» LLC , Kyiv city (gas transportation, fuel retail, agriculture, wine-making, food production and tourism)

17. «Vermihaus» LLC , Chernivtsi region (breeding of California red worm, processing of              organic waste to organic fertilizer "Biohumus", production of liquid   concentrated organic fertilizer "Biovit")

18. «Bruk-Bet» LLC , Chernivtsi region (production of concrete articles and manufacturing equipment)

19. JSC «OdessaKonditer» , Odessa (production of confectionery)

20. «Medical Instruments Plant – Medapparat» LLC , Odessa region (manufacturing of hot air sterilizers and steam sterilizers for medical purposes)

21. PJSC «NASOSENERGOMASH Pump & Power Engineering Works Sumy» , (production of pumping equipment for thermal and nuclear power industry)

22. Branch LLC «Allseeds Black Sea» Vegetable Oil Terminal» , Odessa region (food processing)

23. «SENSI» Ltd. , Sumy city (development, manufacture and supply of gas and air compressor equipment)

24. «TURBOMASH» Ltd , Sumy city (development, design, manufacture, repair of the component parts and units of compressor and pump equipment, special pumps)

25. PJSC «Tsyurupinskoe» , Kherson region (production of alcoholic beverages)

26. PJSC «YUZHMORMONTAZH» , Kherson city (assembling, repairing, dismantling cranes and loading devices)

27. PJSC «House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria”» , Kherson region (alcoholic beverages)

28. PJSC «Rembyttekhnika – Kherson» , Kherson city (production of reinforced-plastic structures and heating boilers, sales of automotive spare parts, repairs, transport services)

29. PJSC «Uzhgorodsky Turbogaz» , Uzhgorod city (manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industry)

30. Private Enterprise «ELTIZ» , Zaporizhzhya city (designing and producing dry power transformers, electric reactors and inductance chokes)

31. Tavrian casting company «TALKO» , Zaporizhzhya region (production of aluminum casting, steel casting, parts and finished units)

32. «Triada Ltd» LLC , Zaporizhzhya city (supply of electrical and gas welding equipment, automated welding lines and systems)

33. «Roll Grand» Ltd , Zaporizhzhya city (manufacture and wholesale of spare parts and components for gates console)

34. «ZAPOROZHYE REGIONAL FOREIGN TRADE AGENCY» LLC , Zaporizhzhya city (export and import of  metal, engineering, food and other production; investment activity)

35. «MASHZAVOD» LLC , Chernivtsi city (manufacturing of steel welded vessels and apparatuses)

LLC "Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys"

Enterprise:LLC "Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys" - one of the leading companies of cable industry in Ukraine, which offers a wide range of products at acceptable prices and with guaranteed quality.

Address: 69076 Ukraine, Zaporozhye city, 9 Novostroyek str.

Products, services:

Cabling and wiring products and conductors;

  - Power cables with copper and aluminum conductors (NYY, YNKY, NYM, NAYY)

  - Armored power cables, (NYRY, NAYRY)

  - Halogen free, flame retardant power cables (HXH)

  - Power cables with XLPE insulation (N2XH, N2XRY, NA2XH, NA2XRY)

  - Control cables

  - Wires and cords (HO5V-U / K, HO7V- U / K, HO5VV-F, HO3VV- F, HO5Z1-U / K, HO7Z1- U / K)

  - Wires self-supporting (AsXsN)

  - Industrial flexible cable with insulation and outer sheath in elastomer (HO7RN-F)

• production of copper cathodes;

  - copper cathodes, CU content 99,99%

  - copper wire oxygen-free, DIA 8 mm;

  - drawn copper wires;

  - copper conductors

• production of copper wire rod;

flexoprint of self-sticking labels in the Companies own Printing-house

• manufacturing of metallurgic products.

The Company is ready to supply its products on FCA, DAP terms or other conditions



Director:  V.Kunakh,

Commercial Director S.Tsygankov

Tel.: +38 (061) 222-30-70

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.zzcm.com.ua/eng

PJSC "Rembyttekhnika - Kherson"

Enterprise: PJSC "Rembyttekhnika - Kherson"

Address: 73000 Ukraine, Kherson city, 16 Belinsky str.


- Salted / unsalted roasted sunflower seeds. Packing: 90 g. double-layer polypropylene bag,  shipments: 400 000 bags monthly.

 - Salted / unsalted roasted sunflower kernels.
Packing: 50 g. double-layer polypropylene bag, shipments: 400 000 bags monthly.

Prices and delivery terms to be discussed directly with potential buyers. The supplier does not set strict limits as for the min./max. consignment volumes.


Director:   Syvak Valeriy Stepanovych tel+380 (552) 225814, mob+380 (99) 3010789

E-mail: [email protected]

Ltd. "Alexander"and Entrepreneur Filippova L.Y.,  Donetsk region, Slavyansk city

Commercial offers: 1  2  3  4 

Enterprise: Entrepreneur Filippova L.Y.

Address: 84100 Ukraine, Donetsk region, Slavyansk, 64 Young Communards str., apt 11.


- fuel pellets made of sunflower husk;

- grass granular flour is produced from alfalfa (esparcet and clover at the request of customers);

- pine flour is vitamins food for farm animals;

- cellulose fiber stabilizing additive AC-1 "Supershlyah" for making gravel  mastic asphalt mixtures (similar to VIATOP-produced in Germany). 


Director - Filippova Ludmila tel. +38(050)582-93-53, +38(093)257-04-30

E-mail[email protected]

Manager – Portanenko Margarita+38(050)644-93-15

Production of Agricultural Machinery "Yuzhmash" plant, Dnipropetrovsk

The State Enterprise “Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov” ("Yuzhmash")

Dnipropetrovsk’ Tractor Plant Presentation

Tractors 1

Tractors 2

Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (UUIE) presents business proposals of the member companies

“TSERNAT Polisia” LLC (granite products);
“Olevsk Porcelain Factory” LLC (insulators of technical ceramics);
Confectionery Company “AVK” (broad range of confectionery products);

 JSC “Chumak” (food products, including ketchups, sunflower oil, canned fruits and vegetables);

Construction company “Granit” (complete cycle services of industrial and civil construction, manufacturing of window, door and facade constructions, plastic windows, etc.);

 JSC “Enran” (production of furniture items);
• Private company “Creative” (production of sunflower oil and meal, fats and margarines, soybean oil and meal, biofuel pellets);
“Agricultural Biotechnology” LLC (production of microbial agents designed to improve nutrition of agricultural plans, their protection against pests and diseases);
 JSC “Concern Electron” (production of trams, trolleybuses, electric buses, utility vehicles, plastic products, electric motors, mono-crystals for semiconductors’ manufacturing);

JSC “Malinivskiy Glass Plant” (production glass cans and glass bottles of different capacity);

JSC “Kharkiv Tractor Plant” (production of wheel and caterpillar tractors);
“Veres” Group (production of canned fruits and vegetables, sauces, marinades)
JSC “Obolon” (production of beer, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, mineral water, snacks).

Contacts: UUIE Vice President Mr. Denis Krasnikov (e-mail [email protected], [email protected]), Director, USPP International Relations Department Mr. Svetlana Kutseva ([email protected]).

Producers of lightning equipment (Ternopil region)

"Vatra Corporation " LLC

"PPC Electrosvit" LLC 1 2 3 4

"Vatra-Schreder" Joint Venture

Mushroom Industry

Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Association of the Mushroom Producers of Ukraine” presents the international investment project “Mushroom industry”

Ukrainian firm “Elizh”, city of Mykolaiv

Ukrainian textile producer "Elizh" is looking for business partners.

"Elizh" Company

- has its own production base (workshop cutting, sewing workshop, a warehouse of materials and components, a warehouse of finished products);

- produces linens, tablecloths, napkins, clothes for waiters, cooks, maids;

- offers textile products and tailoring services of any complexity.

Contact Information

Products and prices

Commercial proposals of companies and enterprises from Dnipropetrovsk Region of Ukraine

List of DNIPROPETROVSK companies

Commercial Offers of DNIPROPETROVSK Region

JS Manufacturing and Power Engineering Company “SumyGAZMASH”

Export opportunities of Zaporizhia region enterprises


Kherson Region

Commercial proposals of Kherson Region of Ukraine Jan.2015

Cherkassy region

Dnipropetrovsk region

Zaporizhia region

Ternopil region

Mykolayiv (Nikolaev) region: Commercial proposals

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